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Iphone 15 Ultra Price And Other Details Leaked!

by Nidhi
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There are many different types of iPhone leaks, but the most common and popular ones are the software and hardware leaks. These types of leaks can provide insight on upcoming features of the next iPhone release. iPhone leaks have become increasingly popular in recent years as people are always looking for the latest information on Apple’s newest product releases.There are a few different ways that iPhone leaks can occur. The most common way is through the iPhone’s software development process. No matter how the leak occurs, it’s always fun to read about them.

Now there’s a latest development on the next iphone, the IPhone 15 Ultra. The new top model of the IPhone will be rebranded to just ‘Ultra’. This way apple is trying to make the naming much more easier and catcher. The new IPhone will reportedly support a powerful titanium body and will like always, have a better much more powerful CPU. There’s also a rumour of the new IPhone supporting two front camera but nothing sure can be said about it. Now if we talk about the price, the newer high-end model will cost $200 more than the current high end model iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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