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Jr NTR Faces Trolling For His Accent

by Nidhi
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It was truly spectacular when RRR won the best original song at the Golden Globe awards. The surprise win was met with universal acclaim and resulted in a flurry of excitement and joy throughout the film fraternity. No one had seen it coming but now the movie has managed to achieve the perfect acclaim for itself. Recently, a video surfaced on the internet which had Jr NTR, one of the lead actors of the movie, speaking to a reporter on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Many people who watched the video had mixed reactions — some noticed that he was excessively trying to sound ‘American’ and hence, his accent seemed rather false; others defended him and said that probably he was attempting to ensure his words were understood and the people should not be making fun of other Indians.

Indeed, the internet has been divided over this issue, with people on both sides of the fence debating and defending their respective views. While some people have come forth in support of Jr NTR and his accent, others have only engaged in trolling him. The debate stemming from this video rages on with no consensus being reached. Whether people like Jr NT’s accent or not, one thing is for sure — no one can take away from the fact that he came from conquered all with RRR and attained success through persistence and hard work.

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