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Jr NTR To Join Marvel Cinematic Universe?

by Nidhi
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Jr NTR has been wanting to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time now. Just recently, he met with Victoria Alonso, executive vice president of production at Marvel Studios, in the US. The meeting is a great sign of things to come for the RRR star – It’s a great opportunity for both parties, as Jr NTR’s presence in the MCU could be massive.

During an interview a few days back, Jr NTR had expressed his desire to be a part of the Marvel universe, saying he is waiting for a call from Marvel. Now after the official meeting with a top Marvel executive, an exciting project could be in the works.

If Jr NTR gets a Marvel movie, it would make him the first leading South Indian actor to do so, setting an important precedent for others to follow. The success of RRR has shown Jr NTR can have a fan base across the globe, and giving him a role as the lead character in a Marvel movie would be a great way to honor his talent.

Fans around the world are now eagerly awaiting updates from the meeting and any positive news that comes as a result. We are sure the news would be welcomed with joy and excitement by Jr NTR’s fans. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Jr NTR’s meeting with Marvel studios’ executive, Victoria Alonso, is the stepping-stone to making his dream of being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe come true!

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