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Video Of Nepal’s Crashed Plane’s Air hostess Has Gone Viral

by Nidhi
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The recent air crash in Nepal is one of the worst air tragedies in recent times and has left more than 60 people dead. In the wake of this tragedy, heartbreaking news has emerged that has left many in shock. A video of Oshin Ale, one of the four cabin crew members who passed away in the tragic plane crash in Pokhara, has gone viral. This video was shot moments before the plane crashed and has left viewers with an emotional feeling.

Oshin was reportedly a very popular TikTok user in Nepal. The video shows Oshin smiling inside the plane and her cheerful face gives an emotional and almost eerie feeling, leaving viewers with heart-wrenching emotions. No amount of words can describe the palpable sadness that is associated with the video and it is a reminder to cherish the spark of life and to appreciate every moment.

This sad incident has not just affected the victims and their families and friends, but it has also made everyone around the world stop in their tracks and mourn for the victims. Ever since the news of the air tragedy has broken, people around the world have been deeply affected as they try to comprehend the grief this accident has caused. It is an urgent reminder to remain vigilant and attentive at all times and to ensure that safety standards are not compromised in the pursuit of profit.

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