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Macron Jabs at US Over Taiwan, Says Being an Ally Doesn’t Mean Being a Vassal

by Ayushi Veda
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French President Emmanuel Macron has made a jab at the United States over its stance on Taiwan. Macron said that being an ally does not mean being a vassal, hinting at US pressure on France to take a more assertive position on Taiwan.

Macron’s comments came during an interview with the US news network CBS. He said that France would continue to support its allies, but also stressed the importance of strategic autonomy.

The French president’s remarks were seen as a reference to US pressure on France to join its efforts to challenge China’s territorial claims over Taiwan. The US has been urging its allies to take a stronger stance on Taiwan, which it sees as a key strategic partner in the region.

Macron’s comments were welcomed by some in France, who see them as a sign of the country’s determination to assert its own interests. Others, however, criticized the French president for being too soft on China.

The French government has been trying to strike a delicate balance between its relationship with the US and its economic ties with China. France is one of the few European countries that have been able to maintain a strong economic partnership with China, despite growing concerns over human rights abuses and geopolitical tensions.

Macron’s comments come at a time when the US and China are engaged in a heated rivalry over trade, technology, and military influence. The US has been trying to rally its allies to counter China’s rise, while China has been seeking to expand its influence in the region and beyond.

The Taiwan issue has been a major source of tension between the US and China. The US has been increasing its military presence in the region, while China has been stepping up its military activities around Taiwan.

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