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MC Stan: A Candid Take on Bollywood’s Commercial Sound 2023

by Sana Gori
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Rap sensation MC Stan recently made his playback singing debut in Salman Khan‘s film Farrey. The opportunity came through Salman Khan’s manager, Nadeem Bhai, who approached Stan for a song tailored for the younger generation. In an exclusive conversation, Stan expresses gratitude for the chance, emphasizing that he sees potential in creating mainstream songs and intends to continue in that direction for future Bollywood projects.

MC Stan: Playback Debut in Salman Khan’s Farrey

When initially approached, Stan was invited to watch the entire film to better understand the context before recording the song. Intriguingly, it took him only 15 minutes to both write and record the song dedicated to Alizeh’s character. Stan reflects on comprehending the essence of appealing to the younger generation during this process, showcasing his efficiency in aligning with the film’s requirements.

MC Stan’s Approach to Future Projects

Known for his non-conformist musical approach, Stan reveals his open-minded perspective toward future projects. He acknowledges the unpredictability of his musical journey and expresses gratitude for the current collaboration with Salman Khan. MC Stan, once hesitant about participating in commercial films, now believes in his ability to contribute to this space.

Critique on Bollywood’s Commercial Sound

In a candid discussion, MC Stan shares his reservations about the commercialization of Bollywood songs. He particularly dislikes the modification of his original beats to cater to mass preferences. Stan asserts that the essence of a rap, known for its intensity, should not be diluted for commercial appeal. He advocates for maintaining the artist’s original creation, irrespective of the platform it is released on, whether in a film, on streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube, or as an independent single.

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