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Karan Johar On Actors Taking 50% Of A Movie’s Profit 

by Nidhi
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Karan Johar is no doubt one of the most successful filmmakers and businessmen in the Bollywood industry, he owns Dharma Productions and is well-versed in the movie business, and he has recently made some eye-opening statements about the box office failure of movies in general. Johar believes that an important and inspiring comic partnership like Salim-Javed has been left behind in Indian cinema and that the movies nowadays are not being connected with the people. He believes this is one of the major reasons for the decline in box office collections.

He clarified that when a budget is divided among several parties working on the movie, a large chunk of the profit goes to the actors, whereas in Johar’s opinion, this should not be the case. He believes that this is the primary reason many movies are in the low-budget range. Johar further stated that the filmmakers are competing with each other to make a bankable star and this is making the films unimaginative and generic. Also, according to him, the new generation of movie stars can’t match up with the older stars. Bollywood today is suffering from a lack of relatable content and the movies need to be connected which people are getting only from the southern cinema. This year many big-budget movies are going to release and many are hoping that this year will be better for the industry.

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