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Measles Attack in Maharashtra

by Nidhi
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The state of Maharashtra is facing a dangerous attack. The state is seeing a large number of Measles cases and day by day the number is increasing. The cases have reached up to several 600 and the cases are rising day by day. The city of Mumbai has alone seen more than 200 cases. The case has taken more than 10 lives till now and there’s a growing fear among the people of it. The chief manager is closely monitoring the situation. While many people take the disease lightly, measles is a dangerous disease. Measles is an extremely contagious, vaccine-preventable childhood disease caused by a virus, and, sadly, it is still a major cause of death and disability in children around the world. Though there is no specific treatment for measles, the disease can be managed by providing supportive care. This involves ensuring that the patient is hydrated, has adequate nutrition, and is kept comfortable. It’s important to monitor and treat any secondary infections.

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