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Money Heist Like Case In Kanpur

by Nidhi
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Money Heist, a popular show across the world, has now become a reality in Kanpur. A group of criminals have committed a real-life heist, stealing off with ₹. 1 crore gold. The incident took place in the night between Thursday and Friday, when the criminals broke into a State Bank of India (SBI) store in the city’s big market. The robbers broke into the room through a 10-foot-long tunnel. The robbers had dug a tunnel that was four feet wide near a plot where there was an empty plot. The robbers used a cutter to open the locker. The thieves also tried to steal the money but they failed to open the cash box.

The police are currently investigating the matter and have not yet made any arrests. According to the police, the robbers were well aware of the architecture of the bank as they turned off the alarm and the CCTV camera. They also knew the location of the gold chest. A case by the police has been registered by Section 379. The incident shocked the whole city and people are now in fear. It is to be seen what development takes place in this case.

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