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Mumbai Drenched as Heavy Rains Lash the City

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Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is experiencing heavy rainfall and thunderstorms today. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for the city, warning of moderate to heavy rainfall and thunderstorm activity.

The rains have caused waterlogging in several parts of the city, disrupting traffic and daily life. Some low-lying areas have been flooded, and there have been reports of trees falling.

The IMD has advised people to stay indoors and avoid venturing out unless absolutely necessary. They have also asked people to be prepared for power outages and disruptions in public transport.

The rains are expected to continue for the next 24 hours. The IMD has warned that the rainfall could be heavy and widespread, and has advised people to take precautions.

Here are some of the things you can do to stay safe during heavy rains:

  • Stay indoors and avoid venturing out unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you must go out, wear waterproof clothing and footwear.
  • Avoid driving through flooded areas.
  • Be careful when walking on slippery surfaces.
  • Watch out for falling trees and branches.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged in case of emergencies.

The Mumbai authorities are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the city’s residents. They have deployed disaster response teams to affected areas and are working to clear waterlogging and restore power supply.

The rains are expected to bring some relief from the scorching heat that has been gripping the city for the past few months. However, the heavy downpours could also lead to flooding and other disruptions.

The IMD is closely monitoring the situation and will issue updates as necessary.

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