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PM To inaugurate The First Stretch Of Mumbai-Delhi Expressway

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The past few years have seen a tremendous development of highways across the country. From the much-needed highway projects to the ones that are still in the works, the completion of these roads has been a huge boon for the country. The completion of a highway project not only helps the people of that particular state but also helps the whole nation’s economy. With better roads, it becomes easier for goods and services to be transported from one place to another, leading to increased trade and commerce. This, in turn, helps in boosting the overall economy.

On the upcoming Sunday, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the first completed section of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, a 246-km stretch between Delhi and Dausa-Lalsot. This stretch is a part of the most ambitious and modern highway project in the country and will enable people to cover the Delhi-Jaipur stretch in just three hours, thanks to its high number of lanes (8 lanes) on each side and an automated traffic management system.

Costing more than Rs 12,000 crore, this stretch will not only provide a smoother ride but will also spur the economic growth of the entire region. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, once completed, will be the longest expressway in India, with a length of more than 1,300 km and a significant reduction in travel distance to around 200 Kilometers. Additionally, it will reduce travel time from the current 24 hours to just 12 hours.

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway project is a significant step towards modernizing India’s infrastructure and will benefit millions of people. It is a great example of how the government is working towards making travel smoother, safer, and faster in the country. The project is reported to be completed next year and will boost the economy of both Mumbai and Delhi and the areas that will pass by the highway.

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