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Priyanka-Nick’s Daughter Malti Marie Waves in Mumbai

by Ayushi Veda
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Nick Jonas & Priyanka with daughter

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, and their adorable daughter Malti Marie were spotted returning to Mumbai after a joyous Holi celebration in Noida. The family trio was captured by photographers as they made their way through the airport, with little Malti Marie sweetly waving at the cameras.

Their arrival in Mumbai marked the end of their colorful Holi festivities, where they were seen enjoying quality time together with friends and family. Priyanka and Nick’s presence at the celebration added to the joyous atmosphere, with the couple radiating happiness as they celebrated the festival of colors.

Malti Marie, the couple’s beloved daughter, stole the spotlight with her adorable antics, charming everyone with her innocent waves and infectious smile. Dressed in comfortable attire, the little one appeared relaxed and content in the company of her doting parents.

The Chopra-Jonas family’s return to Mumbai attracted attention from fans and media alike, with photographers capturing every moment of their arrival. Despite their busy schedules, Priyanka and Nick ensured to prioritize family time and create lasting memories with Malti Marie.

As global icons in the entertainment industry, Priyanka and Nick’s presence at the Holi celebration added glamour and excitement to the event. Their decision to spend the festive occasion with loved ones exemplified their strong bond with Indian traditions and culture.

The sight of Priyanka, Nick, and Malti Marie returning to Mumbai after their Holi celebration brought smiles to the faces of onlookers, who were delighted to catch a glimpse of the celebrity family. Their warm gestures and affectionate interactions with the paparazzi further endeared them to their fans.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, and their adorable daughter Malti Marie’s return to Mumbai after a vibrant Holi celebration in Noida showcased the importance of family and togetherness. As they continue to navigate their busy lives, their cherished moments together serve as a reminder of the joy found in simple pleasures and the bonds that unite them.

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