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Putin Tells His Defence Industry To Speed Up

by Nidhi
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In a meeting with the country’s defense industry, Vladimir Putin has said that production must increase so that the Russian army gets all the supplies it needs. He is also keeping an eye on the quality of the products that must be improved. This comes after recent reports that the Russian army needs to be more equipped than it should be. This has been attributed to the country’s economic crisis, which has caused a decrease in funding for the defense sector. He made this comment while visiting Tula, a city known for defense production.
Putin’s comments come as the country is struggling with its military action in Ukraine. The Russian army invaded Ukraine.

The war has come a long way and is in its tenth month. Many thought that Russia will be able to finish Ukraine but the tables have turned on Russia and the country is struggling to keep up with the Ukrainian soldiers. In the beginning, it was great for Russia but slowly and slowly, they started to lose the war. Russia lost a large part of the territories that it controlled during the early days of the war. According to Russia, it has lost around 5,937 soldiers since the war but independent organizations say the number is much higher. The discrepancy between the two numbers can be attributed to a number of factors. The Russian government has been known to underreport the number of casualties in its military operations, particularly in many parts of Ukraine. This is because the government does not want to be seen as losing the war in Ukraine, and so it does not want to draw attention to the number of casualties.

The discrepancy between the official figures reported by the Russian government and the independent estimates of various organizations for Human Rights highlights the need for greater transparency in the Russian government’s reporting of casualties in its military operations. The families of those who have died in the conflict must be given the respect and recognition they deserve. How the war further unfolds, will be seen by the actions of Russia.

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