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Realme To Launch 240W Charging Technology

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The advancement of fast-charging technology over the last few years has been nothing short of remarkable. With the launch of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology back in the 2010s, we saw an impressive 18W of charging power. Fast forward to today, and the charging capabilities have advanced by leaps and bounds. We are now touching 200W of charging power, meaning we can charge our devices in mere minutes.
For those of us who have used fast-charging technology, the improvements have been highly noticeable. We no longer have to wait for hours for our devices to charge, instead, we can top up our smartphone or tablet in a fraction of the time.

This has had a huge impact on our lives, freeing us up to do more in less time. The speed of charge technology is ever-evolving, and the exciting part is that now we are getting faster and more quickly. Realme is now planning to hold an event where it will talk about charging technology. Not much is known about the phone.

Realme has said that it will hold an event on the 5th of January where it will talk about many issues including charging technology. According to many reports, the new charging will launch with Realme’s new phone the GT Neo 5.
The new phone will support 240W charging which will be the fastest in the market to date. There will also be another variant of the phone that will support 150W of charging technology. It will be a matter of time just before any new other company comes with even faster technology. How this charging technology helps in the further development of smartphone technology, will be seen only after the launch.

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