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The Aratlakota Village Sent 300 Monkeys To The Jungle

by Nidhi
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A plan of action has been developed by over 5,000 people of the village of Aratlakota in the Anakapalli district, which is located 105 kilometers from Visakhapatnam, to resolve the problems that monkeys have caused in their community. Sarpanch was repeatedly alerted to the matter by the people of the village.

The decision was made to transport the monkeys to secure locations.  The contracts included participation from three agencies that specialize in catching monkeys. The job was given to Govinda Aggiramudu of Korukonda, who provided the lowest price of 330 for each animal. Beginning in the second week of December, Aggiramudu’s crew began capturing monkeys from the village.

Ms. Appalanarsa, a graduate of the Department of Botany at Andhra University stated that they have captured 300 monkeys, the animals were then released into the Pandenduva Mailu forest in the presence of forest officials. The people of the village raised the same issue, which was the danger posed by monkeys. It has long been the most pressing problem in their community.

According to Aggiramudu, the locals worked together to capture the monkeys. A monkey catcher claimed that they utilized bananas, groundnuts, peas, and other fruits to catch the monkeys. 

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