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The New Sports Policy Of Chandigarh

by Nidhi
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Chandigarh, the most beautiful planned city in India and a Union Territory has ultimately finalized the draft of its new sports policy. Under this policy, the Olympic gold medalists will get ₹6 crores and the silver medalist will get ₹4 crores. The bronze winners won’t be left and will get ₹2.5 crores for their great performance. After the successful implementation, the players will also get a 2% reservation in jobs that will come under the tag of sports quota.

The city will also set up a high-class rehabilitation which will be helpful to many players. The city will also work to nurture great talent starting from the school level. The policy will be great for many sportsmen across UT. A good sports policy was always the demand of many players and finally, after the implementation of the policy, the players will be relieved.

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