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Android TV Out in the Market

by Ayushi Veda
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Android TV 13 is finally out on the market. And people are going crazy to buy this. The changes are very few and the rest is the same as the old version. Still, after a long wait people who are going to buy this, will get access to the new changes that are upgraded.

Refresh rate and user-adjustable resolution in HDMI is something new on Android 13 TV. An upgrade in the power saving feature is also a feature in it. Talking about Audio Manager APIs then it is better. A new keyboard layout for external keyboards is also seen. Also, privacy and accessibility are enhanced.

But there is no chance to see Android TV 13 on consumer devices pretty soon. But for a developer, it is beneficial as they can start using the full release of the OS on their ADT-3 device or Android Emulator for TV.

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