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Top Economist Compares Pakistan’s Economy with India and Bangladesh, Calls for Reform

by Ayushi Veda
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A top economist has compared Pakistan’s economy with that of India and Bangladesh, highlighting several differences between the three countries. The economist, Dr. Hafiz Pasha, presented his findings at a seminar in Lahore.

According to Dr. Pasha, Pakistan’s economy is facing several challenges, including a low tax-to-GDP ratio, a high level of debt, and a lack of investment in infrastructure. He stated that the country’s economic growth had been stagnant for several years.

In contrast, Dr. Pasha highlighted the success stories of India and Bangladesh, which had managed to achieve significant economic growth in recent years. He cited India’s focus on manufacturing and services sectors and Bangladesh’s success in the garment industry as examples of effective economic policies.

Dr. Pasha also pointed out that Pakistan’s population growth was outpacing economic growth, leading to a rise in poverty and unemployment. He stressed the need for the country to invest in education and healthcare to address these issues.

The economist’s remarks have sparked a debate in Pakistan about the country’s economic policies and the need for reform. Many experts have called for a comprehensive economic plan to address the challenges facing the country.

Pakistan’s government has announced several economic initiatives in recent years, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Ehsaas program, aimed at reducing poverty and promoting social welfare.

However, critics have argued that these initiatives are insufficient and that the country needs to do more to address its economic challenges. They have called for measures such as tax reforms, investment in infrastructure, and improved governance to boost the country’s economic growth.

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