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Traffic Jam Across National Highway-48 (Delhi-Jaipur Highway)

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Yesterday, commuters traveling on the National Highway-48 (Delhi-Jaipur highway) between Delhi and Gurgaon faced significant challenges during peak office hours. The Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, a crucial thoroughfare connecting the two cities, was shut down for vehicles due to construction work to link the facility with Dwarka Expressway. As a result, diversions were implemented to manage traffic and reroute vehicles along alternative routes.

However, the first day of the diversions created a major traffic bottleneck between Rangpuri and Rajokri, leaving commuters stranded for hours on end. The congestion was so severe that some commuters reported being stuck in traffic for up to four hours, with several vehicles caught in a gridlock that stretched for several kilometers.

Traffic congestion remains a significant challenge for commuters traveling along the National Highway-48 during peak office hours. The work is expected to continue until mid-June, which means that commuters will have to endure these disruptions for several months.. To mitigate the impact of the diversions, commuters are advised to plan their journeys in advance, use alternative routes wherever possible, and factor in additional time for their daily commute.

The authorities responsible for managing traffic in the area have also appealed to commuters to exercise patience and follow traffic rules to ensure everyone’s safety on the roads.
Road diversions and traffic congestion can cause significant delays, so it’s essential to factor in additional travel time. Leave early if possible to avoid the rush hour traffic, or adjust your schedule accordingly to arrive at your destination on time.

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