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Vinyl Sells More Than CDs

by Nidhi
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Vinyl records have been around for a long time, and for many years, they were the only way people could listen to music. Some of the most iconic album covers were designed for the vinyl format, inspiring artistry and even prompting album stores to display vinyl in custom-made frames and elaborate displays. Over the years, newer technology came onto the scene, and vinyl became a thing of the past. But despite their decline, vinyl had never entirely gone out of production. Now, for vinyl lovers, there is finally some good news: U.K. residents spent more on vinyl records than CDs for the first time in decades.

The Official Charts Company reported that vinyl sales in the U.K. have beat out CD sales for the first time since 1987. Since records have become more popular in recent years, this is an incredible feat and shows the continued love for vinyl. In 2022, the vinyl sale in the U.K. totaled over $180 million.

This has been big news and a thing to rejoice for vinyl lovers as this rise in popularity will cause more and more companies to release their albums in the vinyl format. The vinyl format had sort of become only limited to the most passionate audiophiles but now this rise will also improve the popularity of vinyl for a more mainstream audience.

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