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Drishyam 2 Available On Amazon Prime Video

by Nidhi
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The highly anticipated sequel of the Ajay Devgn hit movie Drishyam – Drishyam 2 is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, the online streaming platform. The movie has been a huge hit at the box office and has raked in more than 280 crores till now, making it the second-highest grosser of 2022. It has been a great success and has given the perfect answer to those questioning whether it is feasible to remake Bollywood flicks.
The first movie – Drishyam had gained a cult status. Therefore, its remake was a huge success. Drishyam 2 has continued this success, proving that a successful remake has a high possibility of success at the box office. Even after the film is available for streaming on the OTT platform, it is still running at theatres which proves the enormousness of its acceptance by the audience. The movie follows the story of Vijay Salgaonkar and how he saves his family from the police. The success of Drishyam 2 shows that it is possible to successfully remake any movie and draw in an audience even in these digital times. With its amazing star cast, movie, and its brilliantly plotted story, this film is a must-watch for every movie lover who wants to watch a good thriller.

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