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WhatsApp Is Working On A New Feature For Spam Calls

by Nidhi
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Unknown and spam calls have become a major headache for users of popular communication platforms like WhatsApp. These unwanted calls not only interrupt our daily routine but also pose a potential threat to our privacy and security.

Spam calls can also be extremely disruptive, especially if they come in a flurry or during inconvenient times, such as during dinner, work meetings, or while you are sleeping. These calls can disrupt your concentration, your work, your sleep, and even your mood. However, there is good news for WhatsApp users as the platform is reportedly working on a new feature to tackle this issue.

WhatsApp has always been a responsive company that listens to its users’ needs and strives to improve its app with new and innovative features. Over the years, WhatsApp has introduced several new features that have enhanced the user experience, making it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Now the App is focusing on the unwanted call issue.

The upcoming feature, called “silence unknown callers”, will enable users to mute calls from unsaved contacts. This new functionality will allow users to silence all calls from unknown numbers, preventing spam and nuisance callers from disturbing their daily routine.

This feature is currently in development for Android users and is expected to enter the testing phase soon. It’s a welcome move by WhatsApp to enhance user experience and provide more control over their communication platform. With this new feature, users will have greater peace of mind knowing that they can effectively block spam and unwanted calls on WhatsApp.

This feature will also help users to maintain their focus and productivity. With the constant stream of notifications and alerts that come with using communication platforms like WhatsApp, it’s easy to get distracted from important tasks. By muting calls from unsaved contacts, users can reduce interruptions and stay focused on their work or other activities.

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