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According to A.R. Rahman, Wrong Movies Are Being Sent At The Oscars

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Renowned music composer and two-time Academy Award winner A.R. Rahman recently engaged in a candid conversation with fellow music legend L. Subramaniam, which was published on Rahman’s official YouTube channel. During the discussion, Rahman shared his views on India’s submissions to the Academy Awards. As an Academy Award winner and Grammy recipient, Rahman expressed his opinion that India was submitting the wrong movies to the Oscars. However, it is important to note that this conversation occurred before the Indian film RRR won an award at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony.

Rahman’s comments highlight the importance of selecting the right films to represent India at prestigious international events such as the Academy Awards. This is crucial not only for the country’s reputation but also for the recognition of Indian cinema on a global platform. It is noteworthy that Rahman himself has been associated with several award-winning films and has played a significant role in promoting Indian music and cinema worldwide. His comments, therefore, carry significant weight and are likely to spark a discussion on the selection criteria for India’s submissions to the Oscars.

It is important to send the right movies to the Oscars as it is a highly prestigious international event that recognizes and rewards excellence in cinema. The Oscars are often regarded as the ultimate recognition of talent in the film industry, and winning an Academy Award can significantly boost the reputation and recognition of a movie, its cast and crew, and the country it represents.

Sending the wrong movies to the Oscars not only diminishes the reputation of the movie but also the reputation of that country’s film industry. It sends a message that the country lacks the expertise and understanding of the international film industry and its standards. This can lead to missed opportunities for recognition, collaboration, and co-production with international filmmakers, which can be detrimental to the growth of the Indian film industry.

Also, sending the right movies to the Oscars can help promote Indian cinema on a global platform, which can lead to increased visibility and appreciation of Indian culture and art. It can also encourage international collaborations and investments in the Indian film industry, which can help bring in new ideas, technologies, and talents.

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