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Bridge Collapsed In Bihar, No Casualties Reported

by Nidhi
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Bridges are a vital part of any infrastructure and their collapsing can lead to disastrous consequences. Recently, India has seen an increase in the number of bridge collapses. In the many years, there have been many reported cases of bridge collapses in the country. The collapse of a bridge can have many causes, such as poor construction, bad maintenance, or extreme weather conditions. Whatever the cause, the consequences can be devastating. In some cases, people have died as a result of bridge collapses. In other cases, collapsed bridges have caused major disruptions to travel and trade.

Now another collapse news is coming from the state of Bihar. A bridge over the Burhi Gandak river suddenly collapsed and the whole part of the bridge feel into the river. The bridge was produced over a huge cost of 14 crores. The bridge was not formally inaugurated but the traffic was running over it for a few days. Luckily there was no one on the bridge at the time of the tragedy and no one was harmed. The bridge developed cracks a few days ago and it was shut down for public use due to this.

After this incident, a probe was launched by the engineering chief. According to an RWD officer, there have been many reasons for the collapse of the bridge including steel rods not being attached properly.

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