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Sargam Koushal Becomes Mrs. World After 21 Years

by Nidhi
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Indian contestant Sargam Koushal has created history. She has become another Indian after a long time of 21 years to become Mrs World. Last time India any Indian won the title was by Aditi Govitrikar in the year 2001. Koushal who is 32-year-old was crowned the title at an event in Las Vegas. Sargam Koushal is originally from Jammu And Kashmir and she is currently based in Mumbai. She has also worked as a teacher and holds a degree in English Literature and was married recently to a Navy official in the year 2018. Aditi Govitrikar the first winner also congratulated her on her winning. This winning has been great for the beauty pageant dreamers and will be an inspiration for many to follow in the future for similar as well as other titles.

What is Mrs. World Pageant?
The Mrs. World Pageant is an annual event that celebrates married women from all over the globe. The pageant is open to women aged 18 and above who are married and have never been divorced. The Mrs. World Pageant is a prestigious event that provides married women with an opportunity to showcase their beauty, intelligence, and talents to the world. The pageant also promotes marital harmony and understanding between different cultures.

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