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China Is Ready To Cooperate With India To Improve Their Bilateral Relations

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Wang Yi, The Foreign Minister of China, stated that his country was willing to cooperate with India for the stable and healthy development of their bilateral relations and that both nations were dedicated to maintaining peace in the border regions where problems had existed before 2020.

Mr. Wang, who was promoted to the significant political bureau of the ruling Communist Party of China at the most recent party conference, stated that China and India have kept interacting through the military and diplomatic channels and are dedicated to maintaining solidity in the border regions.

Speaking at a conference on the state of global affairs and China’s international relations in 2022, he said that they are ready to cooperate with India to foster the stable and healthy expansion of India-China bilateral ties.

Mr. Wang and Ajit Doval are Special Members of the India-China boundary pathway, which has remained inactive in the current round of border checks of both countries.

Mr. Wang spent more time in his comprehensive speech on China’s diplomatic activities discussing the country’s tense relations with the United States of America.

According to mutual news released after the meetings, the two nations decided to maintain close communication, continue their interaction through military and diplomatic channels, and find a mutually agreeable solution to the remaining issues as soon as possible. 

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