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Covid Cases Rises In China: Sets Alarm For Other States

by Ayushi Veda
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As Covid cases are rising in China, it has set an alarm for other countries as well. With the rising concern of Covid, the central has ordered all the states to hold mock drills. It will focus on the coming circumstances which we might need in the future. It is better to opt for things prior.

The mock drill is set to be held on this coming Tuesday. It will concentrate on installing all the medical facilities like beds, logistics, oxygen cylinders, human resources, etc. The health secretary, Rajesh Bhushan, said, “its necessary health measures are in place in all states and Union Territories to tackle any emergency.”

With the last cases of Covid all around the world, it is very necessary to hold all the measures in advance. Anytime the situations can change. As we have already seen, how horrifying the Covid wave is. With all the deadly cases coming now and then, one must not take it lightly.

The mock drill also aims at boosting the Covid testing facilities. It will be easier now to test for Covid in comparison to the last Covid waves. For people traveling from one country to another, there’s a mandatory RT-PCR test. RT-PCR is mandatory, in 5 countries along with China. There are about 200 new Covid cases as per yesterday’s records.

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