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Drishyam 2 Is Getting All The Love!

by Nidhi
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Drishyam 2 is getting all the love even after more than two weeks after its release. It earned around 10 crores on its third Sunday. It has been a surprise hit of the year and has brought some positivity to Bollywood lovers. The movie has been unstoppable since its released and has been a breath of fresh air. The movie has also been a relief for Ajay Devgn whose last movies failed to earn much at the box office.

The movie on its first day earned around 15 crores and even after so many days, the movie is still earning in double digits. It has also shut down the people who were saying that Bollywood is finished or the era of Bollywood is gone. The success of this movie has proved that if the story of the movie is good and the movie has all the elements right, it is sure to set the box office on fire.

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