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E-sports Gets Its Due Recognition From The Government

by Nidhi
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E-sports has seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the past decade. What was once thought of as a niche activity has become a serious sport, with professional teams and players earning high with their talent. E-sports has become so widely accepted that major colleges and universities have begun gaming tournaments and programs for esports players. This has opened the doors for more people to take part in the growing industry and get involved in various disciplines, ranging from first-person shooter games to battle arena games and real-time strategy games. The attraction of esports lies in the fact that it’s not only a fun way to spend time but can also offer opportunities for monetary rewards.

Many professional gamers make a living wage from playing in tournaments and streaming their gameplay. The money earned from these tournaments can easily be in a high range. Not only are more people getting involved in e-sports, but more companies are investing in the industry as well. From sponsorships to streaming platforms and developmental leagues, more companies are seeing the potential in the growing popularity of e-sports. This has opened the doors for more investments in the industry, which in turn is creating more opportunities for professional players and teams.

Now a positive news is coming from the government of India. The government after a very long time, has finally recognized e-sports. This means that the government can now support the players and can help provide professional training to the players. This also means a boast in sponsorship across various tournaments. The recognition will pave a great way to improve the facilities and the overall gaming infrastructure of the country and will be helpful for many budding gamers.

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