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Evil Dead Rise Red-Band Trailer Is Out

by Nidhi
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The Evil Dead franchise is truly an icon of horror. It began in 1981 with the original classic film, The Evil Dead, directed by Sam Raimi. The film was filled with gore, horror, and darkness and became an instant cult classic. It spawned sequels and a reboot in 2013, which was also very successful.

But the Evil Dead franchise didn’t just stop at movies. There were also several video games, and even a TV series called “Ash vs. Evil Dead”. The series stars Bruce Campbell as the lead character Ash, who wages a constant battle against the evil. The series ran for three seasons. Now it’s been almost four decades since Sam Raimi first trapped audiences in the cabin in the woods with his cult classic 1981 horror movie “The Evil Dead”, and now the franchise is returning with its next installment—Evil Dead Rise. After decades of waiting, fans can finally watch the upcoming installment in the much-loved franchise.

The film is set to release in April. It will, Just like the prior films, will test humanity’s limits and offer a horror experience like never before. Unlike the prior films, this one won’t be taking place in the woods. Instead, it will be telling its twisted tale in a city setting. The story will follow two sisters as they battle against evil.

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