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Schools in Jharkhand Closed Till 8th Of January

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Winter has arrived with full force, bringing cold weather and thick fog to many parts of the country over the last few weeks. At the beginning of December, it seemed like this year’s winter wouldn’t be too harsh and temperatures were still relatively mild. However, since the end of December, the weather has been quite brutal. Fog and cold winds have been plaguing many cities across the country, making it feel much colder than it is. The cold winds are especially intense in some places, making it hard to go outside without feeling the chill in the air.

To make matters worse, many parts of the country have also been experiencing a lack of sunlight. With the sun not shining as brightly as it usually does, the winter chill seems even more pronounced. Additionally, with the lack of sunlight, many people are feeling sluggish and less energetic than usual. Many schools have been closed by the government due to harsh weather.

The Jharkhand government has declared school holidays in the state for classes 1-5 due to the cold wave that has spread across the state. This decision has been taken to safeguard the health of the students and to ensure that they do not suffer from extreme weather conditions. The school holidays will remain in place till January 8th. The cold wave has been affecting the state for the past few days. This has caused considerable discomfort to the students, especially those studying in the lower grades. It is essential to ensure that children are not exposed to such weather conditions, as it can cause serious health risks. The state government has taken this decision to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

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