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Four Cases Till Now of The BF.7 Covid Variant in India

by Nidhi
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The outbreak of the Coronavirus has changed the world. It has exposed the vulnerabilities of our globalized world and how a pandemic can impact economies and societies. The virus has also had a major impact on how people view viral diseases. Corona has shown us how a seemingly innocuous virus can cause widespread panic and havoc. It has also raised awareness of the importance of global health and the need for better preparedness for future pandemics.

Now just when the world had started to go back to normal days another scary news is coming in. According to various updates China is currently suffering from a new variant of the virus called Omicron subvariant BF.7. This variant can cause the deaths of many in China according to various epidemiologists. The variant has a high transmissibility rate and can spread to more people in short period. In India, a total of 4 cases have come out of this new variant ( mainly from Gujarat and one from Odisha). No death has been reported from these cases. The government has come into active mode following these cases and has asked the states to send every new case to INSACOG genome sequencing labs.

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