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India Successfully Tests It’s Agni V Missile

by Nidhi
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India has made remarkable progress in the development of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles over the last few decades. This has been achieved through the indigenization of technology and the hard work of Indian scientists and engineers.
The development of India’s nuclear-capable ballistic missile program has been an immense success and has seen the country become a major player in the international arena. India’s nuclear capability has significantly increased its global clout and has enabled it to protect its national interests and deter its adversaries. India is now recognized as a responsible nuclear power, and its nuclear-capable ballistic missiles greatly enhance its strategic and deterrence capability.

Now India has tested another great missile. India has successfully tested night trials of the Agni V last night. The missile has a range of over 5,000 km. The test of the missile was to check the ability of the missile to carry new equipment recognized by more advanced technology, the missile can attack even at a far distance. This has been the ninth firing of the missile since 2012. The testing of the missile was different because it was just after the recent clashes with the Chinese near the border in Arunachal Pradesh.

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