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Indian Government Working On an Operating System

by Nidhi
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We live in the era of mobile phones, and the development of mobile operating systems has been nothing short of revolutionary. Over the past two decades, numerous mobile operating systems (OSs) were launched but two of them have proven to be by far the most successful: Android and Apple’s iOS. These two OSs now make up more than 95% of the smartphones in use around the world, with app developers flocking to develop for either of the two. However, it looks like the mobile OS landscape is ripe for some disruption. According to recent reports, the Indian government is working on a project to develop a homegrown mobile operating system, which will rival the likes of Android and iOS.

This project, which is tentatively known as IndOS, is an initiative involving the government, start-ups, and academia that seeks to provide an alternative to the existing leaders in the mobile OS market. IndOS seeks to offer users a more secure and safe experience, along with more options in terms of the mobile OS they can choose. The development of IndOS is also seen as a way to bolster the nation’s economic growth and job creation. Such a project can serve to bring in foreign investments, as well as provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to build their own software applications and services. This, in turn, would open up more avenues of growth and development, while also making the Indian IT industry more robust.

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