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Indian Players Are Exploring Careers In Gaming

by Nidhi
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According to research, over two-thirds of players who participate in online gaming tournaments and play more than eight hours of gaming per week are considering gaming as a profession.

According to research conducted by HP India, gamers in India expressed a high interest in a career in gaming because the industry offered good earning potential as well as a variety of job options.
The idea of turning their passion into a job is another important factor pulling gamers into gaming.

In addition to providing pleasure and relaxation, gaming also promotes social interaction.
Indian players also benefited from the expansion of the gaming business in their country to experiment with a variety of professions. While being a gamer was their first choice, they also showed interest in careers as animators, streamers, influencers, and developers of gaming software. India is seeing an increase in female gamers. They intend to develop their interest in gaming into a job that will allow them to make decent money.

It is encouraging to see gaming being viewed as a career option as the gaming business in India develops, according to Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, HP India. India’s PC gaming market presents a huge opportunity for the youth.

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