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Jio Wins Rs 350 Crore Deal to Manage NIC’s Cloud Services

by Ayushi Veda
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India’s leading telecommunications provider, Jio, has secured a deal worth Rs 350 Crores to manage the National Informatics Centre’s (NIC) cloud services for the next five years.

The NIC is a government agency that provides e-governance support to various departments and organizations across the country. The agency has been using its own data center to host government applications and services.

However, with the increasing demand for digital services and the need for scalable infrastructure, the NIC has decided to move its services to the cloud. Jio was selected as the preferred vendor after a competitive bidding process.

Under the agreement, Jio will manage the NIC’s existing data center infrastructure and provide cloud services for government applications and services. The move is expected to improve the performance and efficiency of government services and reduce costs.

Jio, which is owned by Reliance Industries, has been expanding its offerings in the enterprise and government sectors. The company has already secured contracts with various state governments for providing digital services and is also working on a 5G network rollout.

The deal with the NIC is expected to further boost Jio’s revenue and market share in the cloud services space. With its vast network infrastructure and expertise in managing large-scale data centers, Jio is well-positioned to provide reliable and scalable cloud services to government agencies and businesses.

The NIC’s decision to move to the cloud is in line with the Indian government’s Digital India initiative, which aims to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The move will also help the government save costs and improve service delivery to citizens.

The deal with Jio is a significant milestone for the NIC and a step towards achieving the government’s digital transformation goals. With Jio’s support, the agency is expected to provide faster, more reliable, and secure digital services to citizens across the country.

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