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Liger Movie Money Laundering

by Nidhi
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Vijay Deverakonda, the actor in many famous movies like Arjun Reddy was questioned by the ED on Wednesday. The question was for his movie Liger, which was produced around a budget of 125 crores. The movie was shot in exotic locations such as Las Vegas and also had a cameo appearance by Mike Tyson. The movie despite all of this was a box office disaster. The movie received a lukewarm response from the audience and was panned by most of the critics. The ED questioned the actor about the source of funding for the movie and the remuneration of other actors such as Mike Tyson. The ED had previously met with the director and the actor-producer of the movie, Charmme Kaur on the 17th of November. The ED took up the case of this movie after a politician complained about the investment of this movie and the means of the investment.

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