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New Varieties Of Black Corals

by Nidhi
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Black Corals

Five new varieties of Black Corals found under the surface of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea off the coast by Smithsonian Institution researchers. Black corals flourish in deep oceans and some species of them can survive for more than 4,000 years.

Some of these Black corals are straight like a stick, while others are twisted and resemble feathers, blades, or shrubs. Black corals are feeders that consume the small zooplankton that is abundant in deep waters. During ancient times, Black Corals were gathered from the area’s lower sections by using destructive digging and dragging techniques. The scientists sequenced the DNA and analyzed the physical characteristics of the new Black Coral types. Following this, they discovered five new varieties of black coral.

Jewelry has been made from Black Corals that have been mined. The skeleton may be highly polished and utilized to make gorgeous jewelry. They have previously been used medicinally. In Hawaii, Black Corals have a significant cultural and economic value.

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