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Priyanka Gandhi shares adorable photo with brother Rahul on Siblings Day

by Ayushi Veda
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On the occasion of Siblings Day, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the General Secretary of Congress, shared an adorable photo with her brother and party leader Rahul Gandhi on social media. The picture showcased the siblings sharing a warm embrace, with smiles on their faces.

Priyanka Gandhi captioned the post, “My brother, my confidante, my best friend. Happy #NationalSiblingsDay.” The post quickly went viral, with fans and followers showering the siblings with love and admiration.

Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi are known for their close bond, with the two often seen together during political rallies and events. They share a special connection, having grown up together and navigated the highs and lows of life as a family.

Priyanka Gandhi has been an active member of the Congress party for several years, and has held various leadership roles within the organization. She is known for her outspoken nature and has been an influential voice in Indian politics.

Similarly, Rahul Gandhi has also been an important figure in the Indian political landscape. He has served as the President of the Indian National Congress, and has been a vocal advocate for the rights of the common man.

The siblings have often worked together to further the goals of the Congress party. They have campaigned tirelessly during elections, and have played key roles in shaping the party’s policies and agendas.

Also, their bond has been an inspiration to many, with fans and followers often expressing their admiration for the siblings on social media. The picture shared by Priyanka Gandhi on Siblings Day was no exception, with thousands of likes and comments pouring in within minutes.

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