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Rain And Hailstorm In Delhi

by Nidhi
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It looks like Delhi will have to wait a little longer before it is free from the clutches of winter. The city is currently experiencing a cold wave, and it looks like the chill will continue for some more time. Even the hill stations in North India may get the first snowfall of this winter, while places in Delhi and several states in the region could be lashed with hailstorms during a major wet spell that is likely to hit the region from Saturday onwards, according to the Meteorological Department. Delhi is likely to face light to moderate rain and a hailstorm with winds gusting up to 50 kilometers per hour.

This weather is likely to lash northwest India, including Delhi, next week. Till now, the city has not recorded any rainfall this winter season and this looks like the city will be getting its share of rain. The cold weather is expected to stay on for some more time, and it is important that everyone takes proper precautions to stay warm and healthy in such an environment. There has been news of increased heart problems during the winter season so it is important to take care of body and overall health during this season.

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