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Rishi Sunak To Make Maths Compulsory Till 18 Years Of Age

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Since Rishi Sunak took office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in October 2022, the country has been hopeful for a change of direction. Rishi has already made many promises, from ways to boost the economy, that have had many people in the UK on the edge of their seats. Rishi is dedicated to tackling the difficult economic issues that have been plaguing the country for years, such as rising inflation and sluggish job growth. He’s keen to make significant adjustments to the current policies and put the country on a better path. One of the bigger and newer changes Rishi has announced recently is that he will make maths compulsory till the age of 18.

The UK is facing an ever-increasing innumeracy issue according to the prime minister. As a result, the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has announced a plan to address this challenge head-on. Under the plan, all students in England will be required to study mathematics until the age of 18. This is an ambitious target, but one that the Prime Minister believes will put the UK in the same league as the best-educated systems in the world. The Importance of mathematics in the modern world is widely understood, and the skills associated with maths are in great demand in both the workforce and for further education. This policy will not come about until after the next election.

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