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Russia Attacks City of Dnipro

by Nidhi
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Since Russia invaded Ukraine, almost daily reports of casualties have filled the news. Though the Ukrainian forces are slowly pushing back, the conflict has caused death and destruction for both soldiers and civilians alike.

Most recently, a Russian missile struck the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, claiming the lives of 40 and leaving dozens more missing and unaccounted for. This was a deadly incident of Moscow’s almost year campaign, one which has seen them fire missiles at cities far from the front in their attempt to gain ground.

Ukraine has pointed to the mass civilian deaths as a reason why they need better weapons in order to defeat Russian forces, a call that has been publicly supported by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Meanwhile, Russia continues to deny any intentional targeting of civilians.

In response to the tragedy, a rescue mission has been launched to provide assistance to those affected. However, with casualties still occurring almost daily, it has become clear that Ukraine will need more than assistance in order to gain the upper hand in this conflict. Until the situation improves, these senseless deaths of both soldiers and civilians alike will continue to mount, making Dnipro the latest reminder of the human cost of this ongoing war.

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