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Dense Fog Over The National Capital Region On Tuesday Morning

by Nidhi
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The National Capital Region woke up to a thick blanket of fog on Tuesday morning, with visibility dropping to as low as 25 metres in some parts (Palam in Delhi) . The thick fog also led to a number of problem, with many people reporting traffic and several people having to suffer from the problem of driving in a thick fog. Delhi is no stranger to dense fog in winter, but this year the problem seems to be low even in the Diwali season, the pollution was still manageable after just a few days of Diwali and firecrackers. But now it looks like the pollution has been exacerbated by the cold temperature and fog levels in the city. With air quality levels already in the ”severe” range, the thick fog is only making things worse.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) twitted about the weather condition of various other places like Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, upper Rajasthan, and many parts of Uttar Pradesh. All of these places experienced similar dense fog Tuesday morning. The IMD has also issued information about similar weather conditions over the next few days in the northern region of the country. Authorities are asking people to avoid unnecessary travel and to use public transport only if necessary.

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