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The Major Biodiversity Agreement Signed At The UN COP-15 Summit

by Nidhi
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The UN COP-15 Summit

India agreed on a landmark Paris-style agreement to safeguard and stop the disastrous loss of biodiversity throughout the world after a difficult last day of discussions at the UN COP-15 meeting in Canada, along with 200 nations.

The historic Paris Agreement is being contrasted with the Kunming-Montreal Agreement, which aims to protect the lands, oceans, and animals from pollution, erosion, and climate change.

The UN COP-15 biodiversity meeting, which began on December 7, was taken over by the Chinese Environment Minister Huang Runqiu, Congo’s last-minute defiance was manipulated by the Chairman, who wanted more support for poor nations.

The Chinese-mediated agreement aims to protect animals, lands, and oceans from erosion, pollution, and climate change. According to the Living Planet Report, animal populations have suffered a disastrous 69% decline on average since 1970.

Bhupender Yadav, India’s environment minister and a participant in the discussions, said that overall, India found a good deal, he explained India’s view, which is that the Global Biodiversity Project’s goals should be both aspirational and realistic.

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