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Twitter’s Blue Tick Will Be Back On December 12

by Nidhi
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Twitter’s blue tick has been one of the most popular features of Twitter. The blue tick is known for separating real users from fake ones. The blue tick was first introduced as a paying service by Elon Musk in November but the ability to buy was later removed because of the abuse of the feature. Now the feature will be back on December 12. The future has been updated and it will be difficult for anyone now to abuse it. But there will be a few changes now.

The blue tick will cost around $8 through the web and other platforms but apple users will have to shed $11 for the feature. Since Elon Musk became the new owner and CEO of Twitter, the company has been experimenting with new features and there have been new guidelines for the company. Many people have welcomed this move and many have criticized Elon Musk for being money minded person. It will take some before anyone can fully understand the impact of these changes.

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