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US Recognises The “McMahon Line”

by Nidhi
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The United States by a Senate resolution has recognized the international boundary between China and Arunachal Pradesh, India (McMahon Line). The resolution affirms that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India, and it condemns China’s actions in the region. Apart from china, the McMahon Line serves as a legitimate and internationally recognized boundary between the two countries.

China has long disputed its border with various other countries and India also, particularly in the eastern region of Arunachal Pradesh. India recognizes the McMahon Line as the international boundary between the two countries, while China disputes its legitimacy and claims the territory as its own.

The McMahon Line was drawn by British colonial authorities in 1914, and China contends that it was signed under duress and is therefore illegitimate. China argues that the border should follow historical precedents, which would result in the incorporation of Arunachal Pradesh into Chinese territory.

China’s claims over Arunachal Pradesh are not supported by historical evidence and are instead based on its expansionist policies. It is clear that China’s objections to the McMahon Line are motivated by its own interests rather than any legitimate historical claims. Moreover, China’s aggressive behavior towards India in the region, including border skirmishes and even the past war, only serves to destabilize the region and threaten regional security. The Senate resolution condemning Chinese provocations in the region is therefore a welcome step towards protecting India’s territorial integrity and ensuring regional stability.

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