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Warning Issued For Cold Wave In Northern India

by Nidhi
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Although the cold weather in northern India is not as severe as in some other parts of the country (mountainous parts), it still has been causing people to shiver. The weather has been particularly cold in the morning and evening, making it difficult for people to get out of their homes. Many people have been forced to stay indoors, which has led to a decrease in productivity.
The temperature in North India is set to plunge in the next few days, as a cold wave sweeps the region. The Indian Metrological Department has issued an alert and predicted that the cold wave conditions will persist for the next 5 days. The state that will fall prey to the cold weather is Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab. Also, rainfall has been predicted for places like East Uttar Pradesh, West Uttar Pradesh, and some parts of Delhi.

This is bad news for those who live in North India, as many are not well-equipped to deal with such cold temperatures. The cold wave will likely cause disruptions and inconvenience. The upcoming fog will also disrupt the transportation industry and public transport. It will best to stay inside the home till the weather improves.

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