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West Bengal Receives Its First Manufactured Sand Facility

by Nidhi
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West Bengal

Coal India Limited opened the first plant in the State to generate manufactured sand in West Bengal as part of an effort to reduce sand over­mining and preserve the environment.

In the Kajora region of Eastern Coalfields Limited, Manufactured sand is formed from the excess of open-cast mines at a rate of 3 lakh cubic meters annually. The manufactured sand factory was established using private funding and has been in service since September 2022.

B. Veera Reddy, Director of coal India Limited said that one of the main geological resources in the nation is sand, and one type of artificial sand is produced by crushing big, hard stones into little ones.

A step in ensuring environmental sustainability is the conversion of overloaded material into the sand. The manufactured sand generated will only be utilized by Eastern Coalfields Limited for captive purposes.

Sources claim that Eastern Coalfields Limited requires 12 lacks cubic meters of sand annually for storage reasons in its underground mines. 

Coal India Limited initiated this project to produce sand in the direction of sustainability, especially in light of the detrimental effects that unlawful mining from riverbeds and riverbanks has on surface water quality.

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