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Aftab Tells The Court, That He Committed The Murder In The Heat Of The Moment

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Shraddha walker murderer Aftab

Aftab, 28, is suspected of murdering Shraddha, 26 years old, on May 18 and killing and keeping her body parts in a refrigerator. Over three months, he reportedly disposed of the body parts in the Chhatarpur forest.

Aftab Poonawala, the murder suspect who is accused of murdering and killing his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walker, said on Tuesday that he did the act “in the heat of the moment.” Aftab’s police new trial was extended by Metropolitan Magistrate Aviral Shukla by four days after the Delhi police requested more time, claiming that their investigation was at a crucial point and that more body parts were likely to be found from various locations.

In the digital session, Mr. Shukla questioned Aftab about his awareness of his actions. Aftab said, “the murder happened in the heat of the moment and it was not intentional.” 
Vijayshree Rathore, a different Metropolitan Magistrate, gave the police permission to administer a polygraph examination to the suspect.
The police were ordered by the court to examine Aftab medically once every 24 hours and present the results to the court.
Pre-medical examinations are being conducted, according to FSL Assistant Director Sanjeev Gupta, and the polygraph test procedure has already begun.

The police informed the judge that they had discovered a “rough site plan” at Aftab’s residence, which may help them in their investigation for the body parts and questioning of the suspect while they are in custody. They said that Aftab will be transported to the Mehrauli forest and Maidan Garhi pond for searches.
Aftab stated in the trial that he will assist the police but that he is now having difficulty remembering the details since “they happened a long time ago” and “Delhi is a new place for him.”

The accused allegedly responded yes when the defense lawyer asked Aftab whether he could follow the case’s legal processes and if he was comfortable with the defense.

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