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Aitana: Spain’s AI-Created Influencer Earning Nearly ₹3 Lakh Monthly

by Sana Gori
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In a groundbreaking move, Spain-based agency The Clueless has introduced Aitana Lopez, the country’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-created model. This virtual influencer, indistinguishable from a real person, has gained significant attention, amassing over 121,000 followers on Instagram. Aitana’s ‘birth’ emerged as a strategic response to challenges faced by The Clueless, positioning her as an innovative solution for brands seeking a reliable and controllable influencer.

Aitana’s Genesis: The Clueless’ Answer to Influencer Woes

Amid challenges related to project cancellations and uncontrollable issues involving human influencers, The Clueless decided to create its own influencer model. Aitana Lopez, designed by Ruben Cruz, became the face of this virtual solution, offering brands a controllable and AI-driven influencer alternative.

The Daily Life of Aitana: AI-Generated Perfection

Aitana’s existence is meticulously crafted by a team that plans her weekly activities, virtual travels, and Instagram updates. Leveraging Photoshop and AI, experts seamlessly integrate her into different locations, maintaining a visually convincing virtual presence. With a growing Instagram following, Aitana has become a digital personality with an expanding fan base.

Aitana’s Persona: An ‘Exuberant’ Fitness Enthusiast

Portrayed as a 25-year-old vibrant woman from Barcelona with distinctive pink hair, Aitana embodies the persona of a fitness enthusiast with a determined and ‘complex’ character. Her AI-crafted personality adds a layer of uniqueness, making her relatable to her diverse audience.

Aitana’s Advertising Triumph: Monthly Earnings and Success Story

Aitana’s virtual presence translates into real earnings, with over 1000 euros per advertisement and a monthly average of approximately 3000 euros (₹2.73 lakh). The success of this AI influencer has prompted The Clueless to introduce a second virtual influencer named ‘Maia.’ Both names deliberately incorporate ‘AI,’ reflecting their artificial intelligence origins.

Criticism and Response: Aitana’s Impact on Influencer Aesthetics

Despite Aitana’s success, the project has faced criticism for allegedly presenting ‘highly sexualised’ images of the virtual models. In response, The Clueless contends that they are merely following the existing aesthetic established by real influencers and brands.

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